(Formerly) Simple pay-as-you-go internet for modern LTE devices

Charge was like a bank account for your mobile data. The data you bought stayed in your account until you used it. So you could stop worrying about overages and monthly minimums.

We made the decision to cease offering our mobile service in June 2017. Read the announcement.

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How does it work?

  1. 1
    Add a device

    Bring your own device, we'll send you a SIM

    Find out if you have a supported device

  2. 2
    Buy data

    Only $3/month and $13/GB

    The plan really is that simple

  3. 3
    Use data

    Lightning-fast LTE

    Powered by the Nationwide Sprint® Network1,2

  4. 4

    Auto-refill makes sure you're always connected

For a limited time, with your first data purchase

Buy 3GB
get 500MB free

Buy 5GB
get 1GB free

Buy 8GB
get 2GB free

Your data never expires, so stock up!

Data without restrictions

It's your data, use it as you see fit. No matter which monthly plan you're on.

Tether away!

Turn your phone into a personal WiFi hotspot or tether via USB at no additional cost.

Have more than one device?

Charge data is shared across them all.

Coverage and compatibility

Get lightning-fast LTE coverage provided by the Nationwide Sprint® Network.1,2
Domestic and international roaming are not supported.

Works with most modern LTE devices

Bring any existing Sprint LTE-capable device and get activated immediately. Modern Apple and Google Nexus devices will work too! We'll just need to send you a free SIM.

Have a GSM-only device?

We’re working hard to add support for GSM devices. Enter your email and you’ll be the first to know when we're ready!

Earn free data when you refer your friends.


Perfect for secondary devices like tablets and WiFi hotspots.

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  • No voice
  • No SMS
  • No hassle