Features for nerds

We care about details like security. And DNS that acts like DNS. And good software design using best-in-class tools.
If you care about those things too, you’re in the right place.

Picture of a legitimate DNS NXDOMAIN response

We don't hijack NXDOMAIN responses

When you mistype a URL we don't sell your mistake to a bottom-feeding DNS ad network. If you see a search results page with ads when you click your-carrier-is-hijacking-dns.io, you'll know you have a problem. A problem you wouldn't have with Charge.

Picture of the TLS lock icon in Google Chrome

We force TLS with HSTS headers, and we're preloaded as HTTPS-only in modern browsers

HTTPS is great, except it doesn't work when you don't type the scheme all the way out. And who has time for that these days? We protect you when browsing our site and account management interface using the Strict-Transport-Security HTTP header, to make sure your browser does the right thing no matter how careless you are when typing URLs. Our domain is even preloaded as HTTPS-only in Chrome and other modern browsers.


Our TLS public keys are pinned with HPKP

Your interactions with our servers are always protected against man-in-the-middle attacks using HTTP public key pinning. That along with our long key length and strong ciphers gives us an A+ rating from SSL Labs.

Golang gopher

We’re Gophers

You won't see many telltale signs, but almost all of our software is written in Go. We get all the benefits of concurrency, without any of the usual pain. And we pass the savings on to you! Seriously though, we use Go because it's super fast, fun to write, and helps us create extraordinarily reliable software.

If you wish your phone company thought more like you do, come on board.