Introducing Charge Messenger for the Web

Today we are excited to announce the rollout of Charge Messenger for web, as well as a significant version upgrade to our mobile apps on iOS and Android! With this update, contacts and messages seamlessly sync across all your signed-in devices, including web. So you can continue to "+gif" even from your work desktop.

Celebrate GIF

Speaking of GIFs, our easy-to-use random GIF generator makes comedic timing so effortless even our moms have it down. Today, more than 18% of messages sent on Charge use +gif (thanks mom!).

We’re also excited to announce the close of a $1.7M seed round of funding. Special thanks to our investors and advisors including Pelion, Atlas, Maiden Lane, Metamorphic, Cherubic and cofounders from Google Voice, Twilio and Slicehost.

When we first started work on our Messenger, Charge was a team of three. Today we proudly stand as a team of eight. To those of you who have been here since the beginning, through the ups and downs, we thank you. It is your consistent feedback that gave us the insights into what people want in a messaging platform, and propelled us to develop Charge Messenger into the product it is today.

Of course we’re not finished, and harder work lies ahead. We’re pushing for a #dataonly future for mobile. Charge Messenger is just the first step in our goal to give consumers products that enable unbundling the traditional mobile carrier plan.

The Charge Team