Introducing GIF Sharing in Charge Messenger

Everyone knows GIFs make conversations better. That’s why we’re excited to introduce super-simple GIF sharing in the latest release of Charge Messenger.

In addition to sending photo messages, you can now attach GIFs to your messages on iOS, Android and web.

![OMG GIFs](

But let us do you one better! We’re also turning GIF sharing into a game of chance. Whenever you send a message starting with “+gif” followed by a word or phrase, we’ll find a relevant GIF to embed in your conversation. Like this:

![Charge +GIF Fancy](

Think of it like GIF roulette. Don’t like the result? Take “+gif” for another spin and get an entirely new response.

![Charge +GIF haha](

For Android and web users there’s a new “+gif” button to make constructing +gif messages basically effortless.

![Charge +gif button](

iOS users will have a “+gif” button soon, but for now you can experience the joy of GIF roulette by typing “+gif” at the beginning of your messages.

Check out our tumblr page, where we'll share our favorite GIFs and the search terms that discovered them.

If it’s good enough for the White House, it’s good enough for us.

Take it for a test run!