Top 5 GIF Reactions to the iPhone 6s Release

Today marks the release of the iPhone 6S/6S Plus and boy are people excited! We used the +gif button in Charge Messenger to find some hilarious reactions to being one of the first to own the coveted new model.

1. "Yeah I got it, no big deal"

+gif no big deal

![no big deal](/blog/content/images/2015/09/no-big-deal-1.gif)

2. "Oh my god, I got it."

+gif omg

![I got it](/blog/content/images/2015/09/i-got-it2.gif)

3. "Me toooooo!!!!"

+gif screaming


4. "Hey where's mine?"

+gif I want that

![I want that](/blog/content/images/2015/09/iwantthat.gif)

5. "huh? I don't get it, what's the big deal?"

+gif confused


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