Location Sharing: 5 Mishaps You Don't Want to Miss

Location Sharing: 5 Mishaps You Don't Want to Miss

We recently updated Charge Messenger with a location-sharing feature. Yay! Now users can easily drop their location within messages using the paperclip icon.

![paper clip icon](/blog/content/images/2015/08/IMG_0557.PNG)

Finally!!!! A feature that makes meeting at a new happy hour spot far easier when you’re already too deep and can’t remember the actual address… it is Friday isn’t it?

When you look at your location-sharing settings on your mobile device, you may be surprised by how many apps use your location in one way or another. On my device over 20 apps use my location. With so many apps tracking where we are in non-obvious ways, it's no surprise that location-sharing can sometimes go horribly wrong.

Check out these five location-sharing mishaps and learn what NOT to do with your location ;)

5. An Australian woman traveling to South Wales had her phone stolen... but the thief proceeded to post a selfie with his location to her Facebook feed instead of his.

![thief selfie posted to facebook](/blog/content/images/2015/08/stolen-phone_3216722b-1.jpg)

4. Comedian Dana Moon accidentally shared her apartment location live on Periscope... and Larry David showed up?

![Dana Moon's Twitter feed](/blog/content/images/2015/08/Screen-Shot-2015-08-06-at-6-09-58-PM.png)

3. A college kid wrote a Chrome extension that mapped the exact locations of everyone he had messaged with Facebook Messenger… then the world realized that location was automatically attached to every sent message.

![Facebook Messenger Tracking](/blog/content/images/2015/08/1-uLtnaYTtB-ySWYWeRbmhMg.png)

2. A suspected ISIS Jihadist forgot to disable location access in Twitter... allowing an intelligence group to track his whereabouts for multiple days.

![Twitter locations](/blog/content/images/2015/08/Taylor.jpg)

1. Vice published a picture of John McAfee with the geolocation metadata still attached… allowing police to locate him.

![John McAfee](/blog/content/images/2015/08/8f6114a5d161ead62ef45cf8bc1a4d93.jpg)