Introducing Charge Mobile Data

Introducing Charge Mobile Data

For too long, mobile carriers have offered service plans on their terms. Contracts, activation fees, usage caps, absurdly high overage rates and breakage were all standard. We were all beat down into complacency by lack of competition. Things were the way they were, and at some point most of us stopped questioning whether they would ever change. But we didn’t.

Today we’re very excited to announce the launch of our new LTE mobile data service for modern tablets and smartphones. A mobile data service offered on your terms.

We believe people should be free from arbitrary lock-in. So there are no contracts or monthly plans, and all data is prepaid.

We believe people deserve simple and transparent pricing. So there are no activation or overage fees.

Most importantly, we believe people should get to keep what they buy. So your data never expires.

You can sign up today with any existing Sprint LTE-capable device, as well as most modern Apple and Google Nexus devices regardless of carrier. We’ll be working on adding support for GSM devices in the near future.

We hope this is just the first step we'll take towards a simpler mobile future for all of us.

You can read more about the service at or sign up today at to see if your device is compatible.