GIF Sharing via Social Media

ALERT THE MEDIA: Social media juggernauts, Facebook and Tumblr announced GIF updates to their platforms this week. Now users can share GIFs via FB and search for previously used GIFs on Tumblr. Giving further credence to fact that your friends acccctually don’t want to read what you have to say.

![reading is for nerds](

But neither platform gives you the joy of randomly generating a GIF that represents the essence of your emotion, like our messenger's +GIF button ;) Found the perfect encapsulation from our GIF roulette feature? Guess what!? The Android users among you can easily share your newfound treasures via social media.

The Charge Messenger app automatically saves all your media to your device, including GIFs, which makes them show up in your Photos or Gallery app. Just find the Charge folder or skim your through your photos to find the GIF you want and easily upload it to your Tumblr or Twitter.

Sadly Facebook's recent update doesn't support native GIFs, so you can't upload GIFs stored on your devices. Their GIF update only allows you to share a URL of a GIF, which they will display inline in your newsfeed. So Facebook doesn’t currently allow you to use the +GIF button in all its glory… womp womp.

![womp womp](

Dear Apple users,

Don't worry, we didn’t forget about you! Sharing the GIFs you find in Charge is still a work-in-progress for iOS. Once we get our latest iOS update approved, you’ll be able to share your GIF finds via social media too!

Happy sharing!