Communicate Without Your Phone

Hasn’t everyone felt the pain of forgetting their mobile phone at home? Or, even worse, losing it? Whether it be the FOMO that ensues from missing group texts or lack of connection to loved ones, we feel crippled by the fact we can’t communicate.

But even on the days we are “phone-less”, we are still using other internet-connected devices, aren’t we?

![the average person uses 2.9 devices each day](

A recent study showed an increase in multi-device ownership within the US, highlighting that, between smartphones, tablets and desktops/laptops, Americans use 2.9 products. When researchers opened the scope to any internet-connected device, which included products such as smart TVs, gaming consoles and wearable technology, the number of products US consumers utilize jumped to 4.3.

With access to so many devices, there is no reason to be tied to our mobile phones alone.

Charge Messenger is your saving grace when your beloved smartphone is missing. Make sure the app is installed on all of your devices and you will have access to your conversations wherever you go. Through our app, easily send and receive messages from your own mobile number and feel the power of being connected without being attached to your phone.

Use a Windows computer at work and forgot your Android smartphone at home? Lost your iPhone, but have your tablet? No problem. As long as you have our cross-platform app installed on your devices, we take care of making sure you get your messages right when they arrive.